Ultra Light Plastic Case for Mini Sony 600TVL Camera with Bracket

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Ultra Light Plastic Case for Mini Sony 600TVL Camera with Bracket

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Black Orange
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This is a mini square plastic case without bracket, weight is 4g, super light, dimension is 25mm*25mm.
Additional Information

Additional Information

material plastic
size 25*25mm
Package Includes 1 x case; 1 x bracket; screws
Pay attention to the dimensions, this does NOT fit the Mini 600tvl Sony CCD they sell without a case, it only fits the version that's already sold in a case. I bought 3 of these for THIS 600tvl Sony CCD camera and they do NOT work.nnhttp://www.surveilzone.com/28x28mm-Sony-Super-HAD-CCD-600TVL-Mini-Camera-250-Frame-g-1381
is that fit the Foxeer XAT600M ?
Great price for a replacement case. However a case may not be needed as often if the mounting holes on the side had metal threaded inserts instead of the self-tapping screws. That's the main reason I need to replace these. And it would help the camera keep its position better.
I just needed the plastic case to replace mine, the bracket, screws and lens threaded ring are a nice complement. nThe package took 8 full days. That's very fast.
Q:aluminum basket include??