iSDT C4 Charger for NiMH, Nicad & Li-ion Batteries

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iSDT C4 Charger for NiMH, Nicad & Li-ion Batteries

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The iSDT C4 Smart charger brings all of iSDTs innovations in charging to the round cell battery market. Suitable for NiMH and Nicad AA and AAA batteries and most common Li-ion batteries the iSDT C4 brings style, performance and intelligence to your home, office or workshop. With a host of charging, discharging, cycling and monitoring options the iSDT C4 lets you master your charging with intelligence and ease.


Working Voltage: 0.2v- 5.0V/channel
Support Battery Type: NiMH, NiCd, NiZn, Eneloop, lion, LiHv, LiFePO4
Discharge current: 0.1A- 3.0A/channel
Discharge current: 0.1A- 1.5A
Mode: Charge, Discharge, Storage, Cycle, Activation, Analysis
Cycle times: 1-99
Display: 320*240 IPS LCD
Buzzer: multitone
Temperature sensor: internal sensor*5pcs
Working Temperature: 0
Calibration: By ISDT Manufacturer
Voltage measurement accuracy: ±10mV
Current measurement accuracy: ±10mA
Standby loss: <0.05 mA/cell
Port: DC Input, Micro USB Link, USB output
USB Output: DC 5V/2.1A
Firmware Update: Support

Support battery Nos: 1-4pcs cylindrical battery
Battery Species: AA, AAA, 10400, 10500
12500, 12650, 13500, 13650
14500, 14650, 16650, 17650
18650, 20650, 22650, 26650

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1* iSDT C4 Smart charger


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