DYS F4 Pro V2 Flight Controller

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DYS F4 Pro V2 Flight Controller

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The DYS F4 Flight Controller V2 combines your PDC, FC, and OSD into one board. With a 3A 5V BEC built in you can power all your FPV gear, and with a current meter and MaH consumption, you can get real-time battery information on your screen. The 3oz copper PDB guarantees stable current flow up to 150A!
The F4 processor runs 8KHz easily and allows the other functions on the board to run smoothly such as OSD, Smart Audio, and Telemetry.
New features with the V2 include 3.3v, PPM, and RSSI functionality.
(Optional) If used with the DYS F20 4-in-1 ESC or F30, there is no need to solder, simply attach the flat cable.
While using with 4-in-1 esc:
Please solder the battery power cable with esc power cable, do not connect with the battery
The current meter will be no use when used with 4-in-1 esc
With voltage detection for battery

F4 Processor runs great at 8KHz
5V 3A BEC Built In
V2 adds 3.3V Output for Spektrum Rx's
V2 supports RSSI, PPM
BetaFlight OSD Built In
Current Sensor Built In
Integrated PDB with 3oz Copper ensures stability
Easy to use Solder Pads
DShot 600 support
Blackbox support
Buzzer support

F4 (STM32F405) Processor
Firmware: OmniBus F4
Input Voltage: 2-6s lipo support
Max Current: 150A
Net weight: 11.2g (exclude wire)
Size: 42x36mm, hole distance: 30.5x30.5mm
Gyro: MPU6000

1x DYS F4 Pro V2 Flight Controller
1x Piezo Buzzer
1x XT60 Cable
2x ESC Cables
Mounting Hardware


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