DALprop J6040 Multirotor Propellers 2 Paris

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DALprop J6040 Multirotor Propellers 2 Paris

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DALprop J6040 propellers CW/CCW For ZMR250 QAV250 240 Mini Quadcopter, pure PC, very tough, well balanced.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Type DALPROP 6040
Inner diameter 5mm
Weight 4.5g each
Length 6 inch
Screw Pitch 3 inch
material imported pure PC
Package Include 2 x CW; 2 x CCW props
Estos propulsores son realmente malos, se parten como el cristal. Siento haberlos comprado, han sido una tremenda decepción.nnNo duran un primer golpe aunque sea contra una ramita.nnNo los aconsejo para nada.
Love them for my 250 racer. They seem to be balanced very well, no jello or blurred fpv image. 8 minute flight times with 1500mah 3s mt2204 12a esc. I ran 8 batteries with 5 crashes and 3 broken props. They break at the hub and it looks shiny inside like there is too much glass in that spot. I will definitely buy more.
The plastic becomes brittle at lower temperature. Below about 15deg and they break just as easily as any other prop. Above 20deg and they become very tough indeed.
Pretty good props, ordered 40 and have broke 10 so far. More durable than my GEMFANs but definitely not invincible. I have the 6040s and they WILL NOT BREAK in the air as another reviewer commented. I am running 2150kV on 4S.
Use on ZMR with MT2204 2300kv on 3S, prop break at the root in mid air.
These perform well but are definitely too brittle. Any contact with anything stiffer than grass and it just breaks off at the hub. Even at controlled landing and tiny contact with soft soil and it is gone. Feels like it´s from glass and not glass fibre and plastic. As for me total disappointment for my kind of use.
These are amazing propellers! I was flying through a soccer goal and hit the pole 4-5 times During 1 battery and it didn't even bend or preak these props. I flew into a tree and they still held up perfectly. They're pretty stiff too! I did get into a crash where I did end up breaking a prop, but 5 crashes and only 1 broken prop is nothing to complain about! If you keep breaking props I highly suggest these . 5*
I bougt 20packs of blue color. The props brakes just as easily as hq props but cut down to 5040 bullnose they performes allmost the same as the hq5045 bullnose props. Allmost ervery time i hit a tree I break 1-3 of these dfal props for the most times it's 2 broken props. they break of at the hub. They feel like they are made of abs plastic or something simular. Thougt they would be softer if they are supposed to noet break of. But for half the price and almost the same performance as hqprop i will buy more of these. I break about 20 packs of props every month. Was hoping these propps would lower that number, well atleast it's half price so it's more economical annyway.
Very good and durable props. These make nearly as much thrust as HQ6045's. They have lower pitch but thrust is very close to 6045's. Can't beat price and durability.
Great props!!