New DALprop 2 Pairs 5045BN Bullnose Propellers for Racing

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New DALprop 2 Pairs 5045BN Bullnose Propellers for Racing

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DALprop 5045BN bullnose propelle, we have strict QC and introduce professional instruments to guarantee that each propeller has excellent balance, low vibration. It is marked unbroken.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Inner diameter 5mm
Weight 4.3g each
Length 5 inch
Screw Pitch 4.5 inch
material imported pure PC
Package Include 2 x CW; 2 x CCW props
I use them with 2204 2300kv motors on my ZMR250 3S powered. These props gives to me the best throttle's response. There are strong enough to endure crash. When I crash with them they just show little bites but they doesn't break. They eat a little more autonomy compared classical 5045. For example, with 5045 non bullnoze's props I fly 5 to 6 minutes with 1300mAh 45C 3s lipo. With these BN5045 I fly 4 to 5 minutes. I love them!
Fantastic props.nAbsolutely unbreakable.nThey come also pretty well balanced.nDefinitely, a must-have.
Fantastic props :DnAbsolutely unbreakable!nThey come perfectly balance which is pretty nice!nA must-have!
I have tested just about every prop out there in the 5inch size and these are by far the Best for racing they also have the best durability. You can crash and so long as you land up the right way 9 out of 10 times you can take off again.

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