Airbot OMNINXT F7 FC Flight Control Two Gyros Onboard

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Airbot OMNINXT F7 FC Flight Control Two Gyros Onboard

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The ESC is not included. If you need them both, please choose attribute FC+ESC and save some dollars  or you can buy the ESC separately by clicking the below link:

Airbot Typhoon ESC:

The OmniNXT F7 is Airbot’s top of the range flight controller based on the newly designed NXT architecture. It uses the trusty MPU6000 Gyro with an additional ICM20608 on top. With the onboard damping box, the gyros run perfectly under 32k looptime. If you haven't already seen it, you should check out Josh's awesome video on different IMUs. The NXT also comes with 2 different BECs and 6 UARTs.
OmniNXT F7 supports 3-6s LIPO direct input, built-in BEC for camera and power Filter.
This FC is designed to be able to pair with one of Airbot's 4in1 ESCs to form a powerful combo, and also has pins for individual ESCs too.

F7 MCU processors
Two gyros onboard: MPU6000 for sampling up to 8khz and ICM20608 for sampling up to 32khz
30.5x30.5mm Mounting holes
Supports 3-6S Lipo
Built-in 5V 1A BEC output (Buck)
Built-in 8V 1A BEC with LC filter output for the camera and VTX (Buck)
STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode (Betaflight OSD)
Built-in hall Current Sensor   ( No current sensor)
More caps to reduce power noise
Port for easy connection to Airbot 4-in-1 esc (SH1.0 8P)
Solder pads added for SmartAudio and Camera Control

Package includes:
OmniNXT F7 Flight Controller x 1

If you plan to use the FC with our 4in1 ESC(Wave or Ori 4in1), you only need one 8pin Cable (The Option 8pin 4in1 Cable SKU: PA1405)


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