3.27mm Low Light Aspheric Surface Lens For nightwolf Camera

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3.27mm Low Light Aspheric Surface Lens For nightwolf Camera

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Ultraprecise optical design,aspheric surface technology,waterproofand dustproof,ultraprecise infrared confocal,the first choice of star level, 2 million pixels edge resolution.1/2 "& 1/2.7 unique design: Large angle,extal small distortion,ultimate aperture,ultimate pixel,wonderful image effect.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Image size Φ8.18m
Focal length(mm) 3.27mm
Aperture (F) F1.8
Port M12XP0.5
Field angle 1/2.7" sensor
D(Opposite angles) 110°
H(Level angles) 90°
V(Vertical angles) 64°
Field angle 1/2" sensor
D(Opposite angles) 160°
H(Level angles) 120°
V(Vertical angles) 82°

On the shaft:60% 90lp/mm

In the 4.10mm height of image::T≈43%%;S≈57% 90lp/mm

In the 6.54mm height of image:T≈44%;S≈0.54% 90lp/mm

Distortion <-45%
Infrared wavelength Mulilevel BBAR coating film(The front face reflectivity <1%,the other side reflectivity <0.5%
Coating film Normal/Timer/Auto/Continuous
Object distance 0.15m
Dimension Φ18X14.4
Optical length 19mm
Optical back focal length 6.1mm
Mechanical back focal length 4.6mm
Aperture operation Fixed aperture
Focus operation Manual focus
Level of protection IPX7
Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃