1.2G/1.3G 4CH 200mW Wireless VTx 1.240G 1.280G 1.320G 1.360G

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1.2G/1.3G 4CH 200mW Wireless VTx 1.240G 1.280G 1.320G 1.360G

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High quality 4CH 1.2G wireless transmitter for FPV system, output 200mW power can reach 600m range in open area outdoor, good capacity of anti-interference.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Frequency(MHz) 1.240G 1.280G 1.320G 1.360G
Power 200mW
Range 600 meters open area outdoor
Connector SMA
AV Input
Analog AV signal input
Power Input DC12V
Current 300mA
Size 31*24*8mm
Weight 19g
Package Includes 1 x VTx; 1 x Cable; 1 x Antenna;
great little vtx,bypass the big wires that come with it and use 5v direct to it,great colours etc..keep em coming..power it direct using 5volts
Good little VTX small size, good range on the right antennas....Bought a second one, impressed.
Ordered 3 of these Tx and 1 was bad, but Surveilzone sent me another one right away.nOrdering more.
really nice product but we need a manual! please
Hello! What voltage (2S-7,4V or 3S-11,1V) for 1.2G / 1.3G 4CH 200mW Wireless VTx 1.240G 1.280G 1.320G 1.360G?nHow to set the frequency 1.280G?nThank U!
Good product, I ordered another one.nThanks surveilzo to