Skyzone R600 OLED Display 5.8Ghz 600mW A/V Transmitter Race Band

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Skyzone R600 OLED Display 5.8Ghz 600mW A/V Transmitter Race Band

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Skyzone R600 OLED Display 5.8G 32CH Receiver with Race band, it works perfectly with the T600 video transmitter, 5dB more sensitive than normal receivers. Two buttons for channel and band exchange individually Two number display, timely locate the current receiving frequency and band,When power on, storage memory shows channel and frequency of the last time.
Two-way video and audio signal output (Video: PAL,NTSC CECAM; Audio: 6.5MHz).
OLED display, can show current working state correctly.
Auto search, can find the needed channel by one press.
Additional Information

Additional Information

item Skyzone R600 receiver
Frequency 5.8G 32CH
receiving sensitivity -95dBm
Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Operating Voltage 7~26V
Supply current 130mA
video output voltage 1.0Vp_p 75Ω
audio output voltage 1.0Vp_p 10KΩ
Weight 100g
Connector RP-SMA
Dimensions 95 x 54 x 15mm
Package Includes 1 x VRx; 1 x antenna; 1 x cable
I had been searching for a more sensitive receiver for some time and this R600 was suggested by Surveilzone as a good candidate. After using it side by side with my other receivers, the performance this model has is nothing short of amazing. I have a friend lives 5.1km across the valley and his quad running a 600mw tx and fatshark antenna can be picked up in certain parts of his normal flying circuit around his property, utilising my Circular wireless helical antenna. The image with my RC305 is fairly grainy, but still shows colour ok, my RC832 and FR632 diversity were on a par with each other better and clearer, but the R600 was amazing, the picture was perfect, and I was able to view his entire race circuit flight for the first time dropout free. Not only that, he carried the quad inside his house and I still had an image. The flight was at 5.1km distance and flying out around trees and powerlines yet the image was near perfect. I tested it with my 25mw TX01 sat on a fence post at the top of my property, at the opposite corner 700 meters away, the image with the R600 was perfect just using an Aomway cloverleaf, and again swapping out the RC832 it was grainy and more sensitive to re orientating the antenna as was the FR632, although slightly less so. I estimate the R600 would easily surpass 1km (at ground level 1m) and that would be at least double the RC305 and maybe 30% more than the RC832 and FR632. In flight it would be even further, and that is with a mere 25mw. This receiver can do so much more for your range than transmitter power alone and by utilising good antennas there are even more huge gains to be realised. The screen and controls are awesome, oled is easy to read in sunlight, channel access is quick and logical and the finish and quality are perfect with a solid metals case closed with 6 threaded screws.n My new favourite receiver by a mile.