HMDVR-S DVR 640*480 NTSC Video Audio Mini FPV Recorder for Micro FPV RC Drone

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HMDVR-S DVR 640*480 NTSC Video Audio Mini FPV Recorder for Micro FPV RC Drone

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Item name: HMDVR-S DVR Video Audio Recorder for Micro FPV Multicopters

Brand name: Happymodel

POWER SUPPLY: 5.0v (3.6V5.5V)

Size: 29mm*22mm*9mm

Weight: 5g

Current Consumption: Max 260mA.

Operating Temperature: -10~+65 ºC

Video Output Size: VGA (640×480)

Light frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

TF Card support: Max.32G

Interface: JST SH1.0 or 1.25 pin headers

Compress Format: MJPEG

Records the picture frame rate: 30Frames

Audio input: support Mic-phone input

Short touch the button to Start/Stop Video recorder

How to use?

Insert the TF-SD card, then power on, please be sure to wait 5-10 seconds for the system self-test, and then short press the VIDEO button for recording, the red LED starts to flash which means it is recording, and then press the START key, red LED is not flashing but always on which means the machine is being STANDBY status.


How to change the video record format for the HMDVR-S

Step1: Download the latest firmware from or,extract the CRESFW.BIN to an empty TF-SD card.

Step2: Put the TF-SD card into HMDVR-S, and power on for the HMDVR-S, the red LED will starting to flashing, then wait till the red LED turns off, this indicates firmware upgrading successfully.

Step3: Important!!

You must power off the HMDVR-S immediately once the red LED turns off. Don’t turn off the power during firmware upgrading, and remember to remove the CRESFW.BEN firmware from TF-SD card after upgrading.


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