Foxeer CC3D Power Board with 12V/5V Dual UBEC 12V

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Foxeer CC3D Power Board with 12V/5V Dual UBEC 12V

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Foxeer 12V and 5V PDB is specially designed for multirotors, it makes the wiring of your multirotor ESC's neater and more secure.
Additional Information

Additional Information

item Foxeer PDB
Input voltage 2-6S
Size 36*36mm
Pitch 30.5*30.5mm
Weight 5.1g
Package Include 1 x PDB
I use this powerboard on my 280mm quad. And with ESC 20A.n5v for my reciever and flightcontroller.n12v for my camera and sender.nnI use a 2,5mm square multitread cobber cable for the battery connection.nI dont know how thick the soldering spots are, I guess its a multi-layer board so its a good connection.nnI guess the switch is for turning on a LED when the board got power, nothing else changes either off or on.