THEER FPV Racing Wing Airplane KIT

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THEER FPV Racing Wing Airplane KIT

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Input voltage range (2S-6S operation): 7-26V
Regulated 5V/3A and 12V/2A outputs
(5seconds/minute): 100A per output
1 ESC outputs
Dimensions: 36 x 36mm
Mounting holes 30.5mm square spacing
LED control method

ESC outputs
Continuous current: 50A per output

Peak current (5seconds/minute): 100A per output

LED display mode:
Constant light  -Breathing light  -Twinkle light  -Alarm lamp  -Horse race lamp  -Light off
Color: White, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, cyan (WS2812 RGB LED)

Setting method
In each display mode, press the button for 3 seconds for enabling 7-color-loop. Press for another 3 seconds to switch to the next display mode with 7-color-loop.

In each display mode with 7-color-loop, short press the button to keep the current color saved and continue being displayed.

Battery-set configuration
After disconnecting the power source, reconnect power by pressing the button and enter battery-set configuration mode with flashing blue lights. The number of flashes corresponds to number of configured battery sets. For instance, 3 flashes means 3S. Short press the button to configure the number of battery-sets. Then long press the button for quitting battery-set configuration mode, entering Warning-voltage configuration mode (Data will be immediately saved before power got disconnected, if any change happens).

Warning-voltage configuration
After entering warning-voltage configuration mode, the number of red flashes corresponds to the current warning-voltage. For Instance, 5 flashes represents 3.5V.  Short press the button to let the current warning value increased by 1.
When green light flashes, the alarm is shut down. Long press to save and quit the warning-voltage configuration mode, entering normal working conditions (Data will be immediately saved before power got disconnected, if any change happens).

Package included:
1x THEER Racing Frame
1x PDB
1x ESC outputs
1x LED display mode