Boscam 5.8G 32CH AV 600mW Tx for FPV

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Boscam 5.8G 32CH AV 600mW Tx for FPV

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Boscam 5.8G 600mW VTx, it supports 32 frequency, it can reach 2000 meters open outside, good anti-interference performance.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Frequency 5.8G 32CH
Video Format PAL/NTSC
Antenna Connector RP-SMA
Power Supply 7-19V DC
Supply current 300mA 12V
Dimension 31×23×11mm
Weight 14g
Package Includes 1 x VTx; 2 x  cable; 1 x antenna
Very Hot, Very Bad, Only 198mW
Better than the 200mw versions, more protected, slightly heavier (case is aluminum, not steel like the 500mw version), but lighter than you think it is. Clean video signal, much better than the 600mw version which is the same size as the 200mw tiny one - sorry don't know how else to describe these.nnPros:nSize, weightnGood videonnCons:nSlightly cheaper elsewhere though if you factor in free shipping it's ALMOST the same.nHave to cycle through channels while powered up to get to the one you want, causing many fpv aircraft to fall from the sky in a ball of flames!!nnWhen will we see some of these with 'race bands'? Or is that band verboten to Boscam?n
Are spare connector cables available?
Please update selling points, atm they refering to CCD cameras and not the VTx ;)