Atmosphere of Light LED Table Lamb with 256 colorful atmosphere light

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Atmosphere of Light LED Table Lamb with 256 colorful atmosphere light

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Touch type LED,eye-protection lamb
Intensity control optional,256 kinds of color
Build-in rechargeable lithium battery.
Operation Instructions:
1. In the first time to use this product,in order to better use the normal function of rechargeable batteries,please use first with the product and distribution of the USB charging line and DC socket of product base,even the other end can be connected to the normal power computer's USB interface,or USB interface of USB power adapter,charging to product base.charge about 2-3hours.
2.Turn on/off the lights:with your finger touch the inductive key on the base of the product quickly to light and put out the LED lighting.
3.The LED light brightness adjustment:with a finger touch sensor key product base,and three-level light adjust the brightness.
4.Adjust the hose,choosing the right light angle.
5.Charging:when the lights of the product by the regulation also can't normal brightness illumination,indicates that the product itself with not much rechargeable battery power,please instant charge.
6.Living color lamp basic operation:
A:Atmosphere lamp on and off:a finger touch product base color circle on the open key,light and extinguished the LED lamps.
B:The atmosphere in the atmosphere of light condition,a finger touch to any color ring,atmosphere in the light state,press the key for 3 seconds,into the automatic color cycle gradient mode.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Model No. SH1131
Light source frequency 3.2W
Input power 5V/500MA
Battery capacity 12600mAh
Color temperature 5000-5500K
CRI >260
Accessories USB cable, specification
Size 110*110*456MM
Dim 47.26*40.4*426.2CM
N.W. 14KG
G.W. 15KG
Package Includes 1 x Table lamp;1 x USB cable;1 x manual