AOMWAY 5.8G 3dBi Four Lobe RHCP VTx/VRx Antenna Multimotor SMA RPSMA

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AOMWAY 5.8G 3dBi Four Lobe RHCP VTx/VRx Antenna Multimotor SMA RPSMA

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5.8G four leaf clover antenna. New 5.8G developed dedicated high efficiency antenna, VSWR less than 1.5. It can effectively extend the transmission distance.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Polarization RHCP Omni directional
Antenna Weight 17g
VSWR <1.5
Gain 3dBi
Package Includes 1 x Tx antenna; 1 x Rx antenna
These antennas are great, works just as well as the fatsharks at a fraction of the cost. However, the open design doesn't work well for a race quad that crashes every other race. Aomway should make a small lightweight cover for these antennas and these would be even better.
I have tested these against the FatShark SPW antennas and I got the same range out of these and they are much cheaper.nnGreat antennas. Just buy them you will not be disappointed.
Good quality, can't really compaire to any other but these hold up very wel the past few months. No need for a protection cap, already got another set for future builds.
These antennas have excellent range, gone out 1,000 metres with my quad and hardly any loss in signal, very clear video. They are of a very good looking build also. Great value for money.
Purchased a set about a month ago. Have been using them since and they work great. It can maintain a slight bend as I had my TX mounted flat with antenna sticking out the back of my fpv mini quad. Had to bend it up slightly and works well.n
Just got my set, and while I haven't had a chance to range test yet, the build quality is lovely. The mast of the antenna is a nice stiff, but bendable, material that retains the bend you put into it very well. The actual antenna is a very rigid wire, with a plastic support structure. The alignment is very precise.nnCompared to a similar set of antennas I had for a similar price, these are miles above in quality. Presuming the antenna is tuned correctly, I expect better range from this set vs other similarly priced sets.

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